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A Tribe MED Spa visit will guarantee you come out our doors refreshed, revitalized, and recharged, even if you are tired, weary, and stressed. Our clients are assured of a quintessential personalized luxury to suit their refined taste. We guarantee opulence beyond description with massage therapies, different skin care treatments, and other anti-aging procedures. You will be given an exceptional experience in keeping with our promise of providing our clients an ultra-luxurious spa experience for anyone who enters our doors.


Tribe MED Spa came into existence because Joe and Laura Aldeguer wanted a place of refuge. A place where they can lay down the burdens of the day - come in tensed and stiff, and come out relaxed and restored. It was not only Joe and Laura who patronized spas as their children also joined them. Every visit afforded them a relaxing time, but something was always missing - the spa's relaxed opulence and matchless luxury. Thus, the birth of Tribe MED Spa.

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